Escaping the Darkness of Depression

Sheila Walsh was a famous singer-songwriter but no one knew the darkness she was facing inside. After an encounter with an angel, she was able to conquer her depression. Find out how you can be free too:

Posted by The 700 Club on Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Pastors, Women’s Ministry Leaders and Friends,

Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege to travel around the country, sharing and ministering to over 5 million women with Women of Faith.  Next weekend, we kick off the tour in Billings, Montana and then move to Columbus, Ohio.  At every event,  I get to see hundreds and hundreds of women put their faith in Christ for the first time or rededicate themselves to walk with Him.  Nothing compares.

This last year, I have sensed a renewed passion and fresh call on my life to minister to God’s daughters in a more up close and personal way:  through the local church.  I have just come from Australia where God is moving so amazingly in the church.

It is my heart to expand my ministry where I can encourage and teach women how the transformational love of Christ changes everything:  themselves, their families and their communities and how God’s Word brings strength and peace everyday, no matter the circumstances. God is always faithful!

It would be an honor to partner with you and your church as I introduce an event that brings together all the pieces of my calling:  sharing and teaching God’s Word with a focus on how it applies to each of us on a daily basis, no matter what we are facing.   And there’s some fun and music too!  I want to join you to support your local church community and bring this event for women to your area.

If you would like to know more, please email us at or 972.335.1303. I look forward to all God has in store.  I would love come to your church or ministry.

Serving together until He comes,


You are seen.  You are known.  You are free.  Connect with a community of women that get what you’re going through… and with the God who loves you more than you know.

Join me and my friends for the farewell tour – Loved 2015.  This is the year to just come as you are and allow God to love you.

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