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Who is Your Best Friend? Through different seasons in life friends will come and go, but one will always remain—the Bible. My heart has always been in women’s ministry, but I also have a developing passion to reach a different generation—children.

I am writing my new line of books through B&H Kids titled Meet My Best Friend, The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional, and The Bible is My Best Friend Flipbook. It is my prayer that these books captivate the minds and hearts of young children and challenges them to further connect and understand the power of the Bible. When friends are mean, the Bible can be their best friend. When they have questions, the Bible is their best counsel. When they don’t know what to do next, the Bible is their best handbook to life. The vision behind these books is to get boys and girls eager about digging into God’s Word. In addition, these books will give parents the suitable tools to help direct their families to Jesus. When I was writing these books, it was my deep desire to provide materials that children could use to cultivate a genuine relationship with God. With God and his Word, children will have answers for every situation they will encounter.

The first book in the series is Meet My Best Friend. The full-color, jacketed hardcover features whimsical art with both human and canine characters, and the endearing story of the McDougal twins meeting their new neighbor Abby. Meet My Best Friend shares an important message on why the Bible can be a best friend for life! The second book is The Bible Is My Best Friend Family Devotional. In this full color, hardcover picture book, there are 52 devotions written for families with young children. Memory verses, and “Let’s Talk” discussion questions are used to connect families to each other and the Bible. The Bible Is My Best Friend Flipbook is the third book in this brand series. This 365-daily devotional is intended for families to spend a few minutes each day—at the breakfast table, driving to school, or before bed—as they uncover riddles, memorize verses, complete daily challenges, and so much more! This book can be the perfect daily reminder of how God’s Word can be their greatest friend.

This series will launch October 2015 and is designed to reach children ages 4-10. As the series release date approaches, I ask that you please join me on my launch team. As a launch team member, you will participate in the promotion of these new books through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You will be asked to share provided images and pre-made tweets, have the opportunity to chat with me and other launch team members about this new series, receive fun encouragement, and have an opportunity to win exclusive giveaways! Kids will always have questions, and they can find the answers with their best friend—the Bible. I ask that you join me on my launch team and in prayer in hopes that these books will transform lives, families, and an entire generation. With profound gratitude!









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