There are so many things in our culture that are true for a season. Carbs are bad for you/Carbs are good for you, take aspirin/do not take aspirin, it all gets a little much. I love teaching the Bible because it is all true, all the time, in all circumstances. If you just read the gospels they will blow you away. Take just Jesus and Peter. Jesus got Peter when Peter didn’t get himself. He told him, you’re going to blow it, big time, but when you come back, and you will, help your brothers and sisters. I don’t think Peter remembered the, you will come back bit. All he knew was that when Jesus needed him most, he blew it. So when Jesus had risen from the dead, the angel says, Go and tell the disciples AND PETER that Jesus is waiting for them!

I love that God sees us, he gets us and he loves us. That is worth talking about!

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