I’ve never felt like an outsider to the faith but I have felt like an outsider at times to Christian culture. When I was involved in Christian broadcasting I struggled with tying life up in neat little 7 minute segments with a happy ending. It’s never been my belief that it was God’s job to make me happy or wealthy, but faithful and loving and kind.

I’ve been a lover of books my whole life. It’s a medium that I believe has tremendous power and transcends time. There are books that will sit on my nightstand for months, even years before I open them. When I finally get to them, it is usually an appropriate message for that particular time in my life that wouldn’t have been as relevant or encouraging at the time it was purchased. As a writer, my prayer is that the words that make it onto the pages of my books are words that reach you in the right time. I pray the words are an encouragement for you, wherever you may be in your journey.

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