Okay doesn’t live here, but Jesus does.

1. Take The First Step

Whatever burden you are bearing, whatever is making you weary, tell God the whole truth. It doesn’t matter what it is – pour it all out, God knows and invites you to take a walk with Him in the garden. Even if the first step is a baby step, you will be further along than when you began.

2. Admit That You Are Stuck & Struggling

Taking the next step can be as simple as this: acknowledge your struggle to God. Know that Christ redeems every drop of our suffering.

3. Change The Way You Think

Only an internal transformation will truly change external behavior. Every battle begins in our mind, not with our behavior. We can behave a certain way and remain unchanged. If we want to change the way we act, we have to change the way we think.

4. Face The What-Ifs Even If You Are Afraid

When you step out in faith as a response to God’s call, the results are up to Him, not you. Remember, God is moving when you can’t see Him. He is in control even when things seem out of control.

5. Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

There are moments in life when there is nothing you can do to control what’s happening. In those times, find your hiding place under the shelter of God’s wings

6. Rise Above Disappointment

There are disappointments in life, and some dreams will fall by the wayside. The thing that will keep us strong and help us move forward is knowing that Christ is with us and for us, and the hope we have in Him ultimately will not disappoint.

7. Celebrate Your Scars As Tattoos Of Triumph

There is no image that displays the love of God more perfectly than the scars of Jesus. If Christ chose to live eternally with His scars, why should you be ashamed to show yours?

8. Decide To Start Again… And Again

When you are fed up with yourself and feel as if you’ll never make real progress, remind yourself, it’s not up to me, it’s up to my Father – and he never fails..

About Sheila

From Scotland, Sheila is an author, Bible teacher, and television host. She has spoken around the world to over 6 million people. Sheila now hosts numerous shows on the TBN Television Network, America’s most-watched faith and family channel including the flagship show “Praise” and the talk show “Better Together” reaching a potential daily audience of 2 billion people through TV and the TBN app.

A two-time Grammy nominee recording artist, Sheila has recorded over 24 albums.

Sheila loves making the Bible practical, sharing how God met her at her lowest point and helped her to rise up again.

Her message: God is faithful, and He is holding you!

Sheila’s books have sold almost 6 million copies, including multiple bestsellers It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Praying Women, and her new book Holding On When You Want To Let Go.

Texas is her home, where she lives with her husband Barry, and one little crazy dog Maggie. Their son Christian is in graduate school.