From Sheila:

Today my new book “In The Middle Of The Mess” and Bible study will be released.

This book is for anyone struggling.

I am excited for you to read what I’ve learned about why it’s okay not to be okay and why calling on the name of Jesus is the number one way to combat fear when you’re in the middle of a big mess.

I’M A LITTLE NERVOUS about the release to be honest – I guess that’s what happens when you put everything out there like I have done here, sharing what I’ve never shared before.

I want to get this into the hands of so many who have been asking me for so many years this question:
“WHAT DO I DO? – I’m in the middle of the biggest mess ever!”? Some big messes but some small too.

“I don’t know if I can make it through.”

It has been the most difficult book to write but the most personal and practical. Not only is this my own personal story but it’s a…….
“HOW TO GET THROUGH when you are “in the middle of the mess.”
This is what I’ve learned and applied in my own life – THE PROCESS.

Know these truths right now in the middle of whatever mess you are facing:

1. It’s okay not to be okay.
2. You don’t have to seek perfection. Seek Christ, the one who is perfect, and when God sees you, He sees the finished work of Jesus Christ.
3. You are not the labels that have been placed on you.
4. No matter the mess, you are the one Jesus loves – right now.
5. Acknowledge your pain, maybe for the very first time. Tell Jesus the truth.
6. Grace doesn’t come with a sell-by date. You can start again. And again.

 Join me on this amazing journey to freedom. And please – share it with a friend that’s hurting and struggling.

Love, Sheila