David was the greatest king Israel would ever have, but the Bible tells us he failed in his role as a husband and father. During his reign, most of his troubles would come about as a result of two things: (1) taking another man’s wife, and (2) not disciplining his rebellious sons.

As David settled into his role as king, life became easier, and his need to rely on God daily seemed to lighten. His heart lost its edge, and he seemed to drift and lose his way. His enemies were under control, and he could perceive no physical threat in his midst. Yet it was then that his real enemy showed up: sin.

There is a warning here. It’s easy to sit in the comfort of our lives and think, “I’d never do that! I’ll never crash on that shore!” But the truth is that every one of us is capable of the most blatant sin given the right set of circumstances. The only thing that will save us in such moments is to turn around and run from them with everything that’s in us. Don’t walk. Run!

When we do sin, we often panic and try to cover it up. In the process, we open ourselves to crazy thinking. Telling the cold hard truth when we’ve sinned is so hard for us do. But in the end, it always proves so much better than the wall of lies we build when we try and cover ourselves—because those walls always fall on us. We think the truth will destroy us, but the truth is that while it may hurt in the short term, it won’t destroy us.

Perhaps you are where David was. What do you do when that one thing you longed for turns on you like a venom-filled snake? Is your life over? Have you ruined God’s plan? Far from it. For in those moments, Christ meets us in our sin. He never leaves us there.

Perhaps you think if only you could have this one thing, be loved by this one person, be given this one opportunity, then you’d be happy. But know that when the fog disappears and the mist evaporates, the longings you have in the depth of your being will never be satisfied by that one thing you think you need.

True contentment and rest comes from Christ.

He alone can fill the deepest longings of your heart.