I have a dear friend who is a real prayer warrior.  She loves to pray for her family, her friends and our nation. Whenever we get together one of the things I love most about our time is that although we will always laugh and catch up, I know she will pray for me before she leaves. On one particular occasion she gave me a picture.

“This is how God sees you,” she said.

The picture was of a roaring lion heading into battle carrying a young girl on his back.  The girl’s sword is drawn, ready to attack, but she is blindfolded, the tail of the blindfold flapping in the wind.  Her shield is perfectly balanced.

“I don’t understand.  Why is she blindfolded?” I asked.

“Because she’s not going on her own strength.  Her strength and power are in the Lion of Judah.”

I love the beauty of that truth for us all. So often we wear labels that remind us of where we have failed or fallen.  At times those labels make us feel weak and ineffective and wonder how God can use us.

I keep that picture as a reminder that it will never be about me getting it right but about Christ who has made me right.

Becoming fully who we were made to be means remembering who we are and whose we are.  We must believe the  truth God has for us instead of the lies life has led us to believe.

Our true identity is found in the love of God, not in the labels we’ve worn.

I wonder how you identify yourself?  Do you define yourself by your circumstances?  As divorced, financially troubled, unloved, single, alone?

Do you define yourself by the mess you’re in the middle of right now?

It’s easy to believe the labels and lies we’ve been told, but God does NOT define us by our labels.

No!  He doesn’t define us by our weaknesses.

When he looks at us, He sees well-loved daughters, loved and forgiven by Jesus Christ.